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  • Our church feels great delight and honor to help people for the US online. We understand that there happen situations when people need immediate help and we want to be there for all who suffers. The donations we receive from clients saved our church from decay. We strongly believe that the power of mutual help will save the world! God bless you

  • We are happy that in our world exists an organization which takes care of churches. Finally, we can repair old furniture. God bless you!

  • The Church Experiment is a place where even those who never entered the door of the church building can connect to God and find blessing. Our church expresses sincere gratitude for the donations we receive from online parishioners

  • With every donation, we get a chance to improve the well-being of our church and sustain a consistent process of receiving and answering your online confessions. We highly value the attention of people who ask us for help in their life problems and we are very grateful to The Church Experiment for the possibility to save souls of the afflicted online!

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How much time should I put into Bible study if I want to “grow” as a Christian?

This question reminds another one. How long should your legs be? Long enough to reach the ground, of course! But frequently when I hear this question — and I do hear it quite often — I hear a subtext that …

How long does it take to become a priest?

This depends on some factors. A young man who enters college seminary immediately or shortly after High school will spend the traditional four years there, getting a sound foundation in philosophy and the other liberal arts

Church Materials

A family upbringing

Four couples with children were asked about Fall holidays and celebrations. What are you teaching your children?

What points does Acts 2 church describe?

Acts 2 is a very good place, however, to ask just what the most basic nature of the church is to be. It describes the birth of the church. In a very real sense, we can think of the church as in gestation through the ministry of Jesus