The Church Experiment is the platform for people in the US to extract their confessions and get immediate help from priests online. No matter what troubles bother you, you can always share them at our website and experience highly anticipated relief.

Don’t let your sins eat you!

If you have ever thought about how to get rid of guilt or how to forgive yourself you have found a site with a full and complete reply. It usually happens that even when you ask for forgiveness from the person you hurt, you actually do not feel forgiven. Because you are still blaming yourself. It is hard to excuse yourself especially after you acknowledged your blame and sin. Unfortunately, even after a long time has passed, the feeling of guilt can still trace and gnaw you. And only you can bring down the curtain on it.

Why is it necessary to confess?

After some actions people commit and situations they undergo all people may experience a palette negative feelings. It is important to get rid of everything negative that bothers you to continue living peacefully. Otherwise, you can be drawn in a swamp of your problems and fail to live a happy life.

People are afraid to confess in bad things they committed the most because they are afraid to become vicious in the eyes of their community. Fortunately, it is not always necessary to confess to close to you people. If you feel that they won’t meet your confession with understanding and their reaction can turn you into more depressed and miserable state, it is better to trust things you want to share with representatives of God. The truth is that everybody is sinful and everybody deserves mercy and forgiveness.

Who gets your confessions

Every message you leave on our website that contains your confession or problem you need to consult comes directly to the priests from churches that our service supports with donations. It is a chance for everybody who is too shy or scared to enter the doors of the real church to confide their private troubles to servants of God and get life-changing advice. The information you provide is 100% confidential. The support team of the website does not have access to the messages that you address to the priest. So, you can not get nervous about the safety of private facts that you provide.

Where do donations go

You may have probably noticed that there are two options for you to do after you wrote your confession. You can either submit it for free or send it and donate the sum of money (the size of a donation depends only on your choice). All payments that we get are sent to churches that support people who confess at Online Church Experiment. Our online service not only helps parishioners to get free from their burdens but also gives churches money to sustain their well-being.

Currently, many churches are in the state of decay. So are the people in the USA. This online confession service is designed to make the world better. Our primary aim is to show people that even if they feel desperate they still can find a person to listen to their problems and get a solution for it. Everybody who experiences guilt can get forgiveness for it. Because the God and the Bible have answers for all the questions. And online priests can lead you to this answers.